Fun at Work

Go ahead—have fun. We encourage it!

As you walk around our building, you’ll hear employees engaged in vibrant conversations and laughter. We know that employees who enjoy themselves and feel like they are making a difference are more productive.

Whether we’re celebrating National Pie Day with fresh pies for employees or inviting local preschoolers to trick or treat at our headquarters, we like to enjoy ourselves. We work hard, but we also take the time to have fun and celebrate accomplishments. It’s not all fun and games, but sometimes it is just that.

We also believe that creating a work/life balance is more than talk. We recognize the importance of families - especially children. We find ways to include families in company activities, such as a children’s holiday party or trick or treating in our building for Halloween.

Our charitable giving focuses primarily on organizations that benefit children, health and education. We know that giving back to causes that are important to you matters. 

A paper airplane contest raised money for our recent United Way campaign.