Vision, Mission and Values

"We Take Care of Our Own" is our vision at NCMIC and Professional Solutions. Read on to see how we reflect this vision through our company’s mission and values.


Building upon a strong financial base and legacy, we safeguard and foster our valued relationships by providing an innovative portfolio of insurance and financial products, bonded with an unwavering dedication to create a personalized, memorable service experience.

We strive to have a positive impact on our company, customers and community … today, tomorrow, always!

Value Statements

Integrity  Demonstrating honesty and strong moral principles while being transparent in every action with customers and fellow employees.

Customer Service  Providing individualized, unparalleled service and assistance before, during and after the customer’s expectations are met.

Respect  Honoring and embracing others diverse thoughts, values and opinions.

Trust  Fulfilling promises by following through on our commitments.

Caring  Showing compassion and kindness for fellow employees, valued relationships and community.

Innovation  Evolving our products and services to differentiate ourselves in the market while delivering value.

Expertise  Being a reliable business partner and building on a strong knowledge base to provide the best solutions for our customers.