Why Stay?

There are many reasons I love working here, and if I had to pick one, it would be the love and respect for the NCMIC “family” that I work with.  After 17 years of employment, and seeing the number of employees triple, it’s great to still have that feeling of belonging. 

I believe that no matter how big we will get, I will always be a person and never a number.   I can honestly say that I still love coming to work every day and enjoy the work that I do.

Janice Pszanka

Accounting Specialist - since 1997

Within my first few weeks here while learning my position, meeting my fellow employees, and hearing nothing but positive feedback, I realized that this is right where I belong.

It didn’t take long for me to understand the true meaning of NCMIC’s motto, “We take care of our own.” Not only does this apply to how committed NCMIC is to our clients, but it also parallels how NCMIC is to their employees. Our achievements do not go unrecognized by NCMIC’s Senior Management Team, and because of that, every person works hard to do their best.”

Tina Chandavong

Client Representative - since 2013